Still Alive!

2016-04-21 09:56:45 by Jim-Nickabocker

Unlike the delightful melody that invokes science and the possibility of cake, I'm here to inform you that yea, I'm definately still around! Voice Overs has taken a bit of a backseat since I started college and a full time job. However, I'm hanging the bookbag for a college hiatus so I can concentrate on voice overs again AND, I just so happen to have a Youtube channel now!

Been doing it for a while with sporadic updates but due to the encouragement from a handful of viewers, I've taken it upon myself to update it a couple of times a week! So if you like my voice and truly want to see a face that was made for radio, hope on over to my YouTube channel and check it out! It's mostly Let's Plays but hopefully I've made them twice as entertaining! Thanks so much for following me folks, I'll keep y'all updated!


Extree Extree!

2014-03-03 19:16:04 by Jim-Nickabocker

Still going through a VO dry spell as of late, but in the meantime while I still look for projects, here's something audio-wise I'm working on!

NOTE: It'll only be interesting if you like old radio shows or maybe even audio books..

News Flash!

2013-05-28 19:22:58 by Jim-Nickabocker

A new flash animation by the ever so talented Ockeroid featuring yours truly as some of the voices! What happens when someone uses the 'Share' function for evil! See if you can spot me! =)

The CHER Button by Ockeroid

Serious Business Below
To all of you who check my page every once in a while, thank you so much, you humble this old sod to no end. Voice overs is pretty hard to get steady work in, payed or otherwise. For example, I've had over ten projects terminate before even beginning since this my last news post. Until I become moderately popular, projects I'm in will be sparse, but don't fret folks, cause if you like my work, I ain't giving up anytime soon! A major thank you to all of you, stay safe, stay frosty guys =)

Update for Update's Sake

2013-05-07 16:50:40 by Jim-Nickabocker

Hey there everyone. Figured I'd update the news post here and show that I haven't exactly vanished off the face of the Earth. My day job was more or less dominating my life, working 8 hours a day, with a 40 hour commute time, barely left time for anything. Well, as of last week, I don't have to worry about that anymore! ....Eh, well not in a good way neither. I was let go. On a bad note, I'm unemployed. On a good note, more time for games and voice acting! In light of this, I've been tackling auditions for projects all over the place. I think I'm gonna adapt my mentality for job hunting. I gotta stop being picky and audition for EVERYTHING, even projects I may not exactly want to do. Now that being said, I still have my standards. No porn, smut, or anything of the like. The last thing I want to do, is to finally get my big break and the casting director happens to eye a project called something like "Adventures of The Butt Pirates" or something.

So anyway, been auditioning for a lot, I scored two video game roles. One in a Korean video game called Metal Fable as the main character and another game from Baller Industries for X-Box Live entitled Tokyo Hosto. I've become a bit of a "go to" voice guy for the folks at Baller, so it's been pretty sweet to get some sort of video game exposure. I did get a role in a Yu Gi Oh 5D's Abridged series, but the first episode was taken down faster than a stripper's knickers on Friday night. A pity, I did my impersonation of the Samurai Pizza Cats english dub narrator as...well the narrator! 50 brownie points for anyone who remembers. Other than that, the work's been a bit dry, but I'm still pumping the well of auditions to see what else I can get! I leave you guys with a fandub I mixed/wrote/made myself as a fan of the Lupin The Third series. Peace and Love guys!

Wow, it's amazing how mother nature can really rock your world in every sense of the word! As an update to my situation, everything is good now, power is back and the temp outside is MUCH more manageable. Thank you so much to D-Mac and Vlashxx. I admit, the no power situation sent me to a pretty dark place (I mean wouldn't it for you? Food spoiling, melting at a 100 plus degrees! Anywho, thanks guys and to everyone who read my post, means a lot.

And a special thank you D, I'm trying my hardest to be an established online VO, and I know my journey is only starting! I ain't given up till I can't use my voice no mo'! Anyway, it's back to work for me! Here's my latest work, playing a dude who can fly in a fandub of an anime lol re=plcp

A VO's Worst Nightmare

2012-07-03 19:08:14 by Jim-Nickabocker

Well it HAD to happen when I was on a good run. Late night Friday a severe thunderstorm rocked the East Coast, leaving millions without power. Not just in my home state, but in others too! Needless to say, I was in the middle of recording lines for one of a couple of projects I was involved in. But in a split second, all my work was gone, and I can't get back to work until my power is restored. It's terribly frustrating because I know I was picking up momentum in acquiring voice roles. Now I'm left lazing about the house, sweating up a storm, waiting for the power to come back... it's been five days.

I knew there was going to be ups and downs once I started to pursue voice overs... but this is ridiculous! Regardless, I'm staying focused and as soon as the power comes back, I'm going back to work. In the meantime, I'm using the local public library and my iPhone to stay in contact with friends and update my voice over associates. I'm certainly looking forward to the power coming back, it's been a horrible five days. On top of that, I've been replaced in some projects... even after that something tells me, it's not done yet.. ;.;

Great Norton's Ghost!

2012-04-30 03:08:57 by Jim-Nickabocker

Well snap me down, I've got fans! I'm both flattered and overjoyed that some of you took the time to note my work and became said fans! All I can say is thank you! And while it's not much, I figure posting the occasional news post on here would serve as both entertainment for you guys and it gives me a chance to plug other projects that may not be featured on Newgrounds! ...Of coarse if that isn't against some sort of rule! XD

Anywho hey ho, the name's Jim! I'm an amateur voice actor who's been working as hard as can be on voice overs for over six years now. I only have a handful of roles to my name, and largely thanks to a recent VO contest and being a bit voice in a flash, am I now getting noticed! At least, I hope I'm getting noticed lol. I'm not looking to become the next big thing, I just wanna be able to get regular work doing the thing I love best, bringing characters to life as a voice over. ....and maybe a small fan base hehe. Anywho, for those of you who want me to keep posting, let me know and I'll do so!


Here's a link to a D.Gray Man Fandub where I play Komui
And one to an audio series based on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek!