Entry #7

Still Alive!

2016-04-21 09:56:45 by Jim-Nickabocker

Unlike the delightful melody that invokes science and the possibility of cake, I'm here to inform you that yea, I'm definately still around! Voice Overs has taken a bit of a backseat since I started college and a full time job. However, I'm hanging the bookbag for a college hiatus so I can concentrate on voice overs again AND, I just so happen to have a Youtube channel now!

Been doing it for a while with sporadic updates but due to the encouragement from a handful of viewers, I've taken it upon myself to update it a couple of times a week! So if you like my voice and truly want to see a face that was made for radio, hope on over to my YouTube channel and check it out! It's mostly Let's Plays but hopefully I've made them twice as entertaining! Thanks so much for following me folks, I'll keep y'all updated!



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