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Update for Update's Sake

5/7/13 by Jim-Nickabocker

Hey there everyone. Figured I'd update the news post here and show that I haven't exactly vanished off the face of the Earth. My day job was more or less dominating my life, working 8 hours a day, with a 40 hour commute time, barely left time for anything. Well, as of last week, I don't have to worry about that anymore! ....Eh, well not in a good way neither. I was let go. On a bad note, I'm unemployed. On a good note, more time for games and voice acting! In light of this, I've been tackling auditions for projects all over the place. I think I'm gonna adapt my mentality for job hunting. I gotta stop being picky and audition for EVERYTHING, even projects I may not exactly want to do. Now that being said, I still have my standards. No porn, smut, or anything of the like. The last thing I want to do, is to finally get my big break and the casting director happens to eye a project called something like "Adventures of The Butt Pirates" or something.

So anyway, been auditioning for a lot, I scored two video game roles. One in a Korean video game called Metal Fable as the main character and another game from Baller Industries for X-Box Live entitled Tokyo Hosto. I've become a bit of a "go to" voice guy for the folks at Baller, so it's been pretty sweet to get some sort of video game exposure. I did get a role in a Yu Gi Oh 5D's Abridged series, but the first episode was taken down faster than a stripper's knickers on Friday night. A pity, I did my impersonation of the Samurai Pizza Cats english dub narrator as...well the narrator! 50 brownie points for anyone who remembers. Other than that, the work's been a bit dry, but I'm still pumping the well of auditions to see what else I can get! I leave you guys with a fandub I mixed/wrote/made myself as a fan of the Lupin The Third series. Peace and Love guys!


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Sounds awesome. No new NG projects coming up though? Peace.

5/8/13 Jim-Nickabocker responds:

Hey there Cyberdevil, thanks so much for commenting! I had three Newgrounds projects that have fallen through, so I'm in a bit of a dry spell at the moment. That don't mean I ain't advertising like the vocal whore I am! Hehe but seriously, yea it takes a while to hook a Newgrounds project when you're up and coming but hang in there! Gotta strike gold soon! Peace man! =)